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Name: Jeanne Martin Chown Where are you from? Maine, now living in England How did you find this Web Site? Google search under Chaleur Bay
Query or comments: Seeking info. on Martin family, specifically Thomas William Martin
b. c. 1847 prob. Perce, Gaspe, Que, fisherman. He m.Elizabeth Jane Ferlatte of Perce.
Two ch: Elizabeth and Joseph. The family relocated to Peaks Island, Portland, Maine,
where another ch, Harriet, was born. Thomas was lost at sea in 1875. This Martin
family has proved very elusive. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Thanks!

E-mail : 11/30/01 07:22:11 PM

Name: Zella

Query or comments: To Diane Blackwell;

Béloni and Bénoni Daigle is the same person. His name is Bénoni in the church register but was commonly called Béloni. Olivier and Charles Olivier is also the same person for the same reason. If your grandfather Polydore has the same birth date as the one mentioned , I would be almost 100% sure that Bénoni and Rosalie DAIGLE are your ancestors, because the name Polydore is not a common name around here. The book « Hommage à nos Pionniers » which will be available in the near future has the history (ancestors and descendants) of many families of Acadieville, and this Daigle family is included in it. If you are interested in the book, I can send you more information. PS. This book is available in the French Version only.

11/27/01 06:58:30 AM Name: Diane Blackwell Where are you from? Virginia Query or comments: Thank you for your response. Questions: You gave me the family of Benoni and Rosalie Daigle. My ancestor's name is Beloni; are they interchangeable or is Benoni a different person or is it possibly a typo? There is a son named Beloni(#7) listed. Is it a correct assumption that the 8 names and accompanying data are their children? Of course, I do recognize #6 Joseph Polydore, my grandfather. What about previous ancestors? I found The Ancestor of the First Settlers of Acadieville on this web site. Beloni Daigle b. 26 Jul 1855 is listed in the second group of settlers. Also given are his parents names and first names of male ancestors of 6 more generations. Wife Rosalie and her parents' names also given. Is this my Beloni and family? The dates and parental names match very well to what you sent me with the small difference of Rosalie's father's name. You said Olivier and the record in question states Charles Olivier. If these are the correct family, what a gold mine! The oldest person listed dates back to 1643 in France, emmigrating < 1666. I have just researched many of the wives etc. of the men listed and have reached a date of 1549 in Martaize, Poitou, France. Also, of note is a 30 year old letter in my family from Canadian cousins(? names) announcing and inviting us to the 100 year anniversary celebration(1871-1971) of the founding of Acadieville which included the erection of a monument honoring the first settlers and especially a Clement Daigle who they said we are related to. It appears that Clement Daigle b. 25 Feb 1842 shares the last 4 ancestors of the Beloni lineage. Would like to know for sure if this is our Beloni?

Name:	 Zella
Query or comments: To Helen Doucet; Maybe this is the Richard BULGER you are lookoing for. Richard BULGER (Patrick & Louise Divine DUGUAY) Born 04/04/1816 Shipagan Married to Sara MALLET, born 08/08/1819.
11/26/01 03:16:07 PM Name: Zella Query or comments: Reply to Diane Blackwell; Family of Bénoni DAIGLE (Jean & Nathalie HENRI) & Rosalie DAIGLE (Olivier & Julie HENRI): i) Jean Baptiste, born May 24 1881; M. to Lucie DAIGLE (Calixte & Ursule DAIGLE). (his cousin) ii) Dominique Livain, died August 4 1882. iii) Joseph Alexis, died February 20 1884. iv) Marie Caroline, born May 2 1886; M. May 23 1909, to Jérôme GAUDET, Lowell, Mass. v) Livain, born Oct. 14 1888; M. to Léocadie GOGUEN,(Jacques & Marie Pélagie RICHARD. vi) Joseph Polydore, born Sept. 19 1890. vii) Béloni, born March 15 1893. viii) Alcime, m. to Elise RICHARD,(François Joseph & Julie DAIGLE.

	 	11/25/01 05:28:53 PM   
Name:	                         Joseph Sawyer,Jaillet
Where are you from?	         California and Massachussetts and N.B.
How did you find this Web Site?	 Surfing
Query or comments:  Searching for info regarding Sawyer/Jaillet connection.When,and origines ???

11/24/01 02:39:03 PM Name: Diane blackwell Where are you from? Virginia, USA How did you find this Web Site? Cyndi's List
Query or comments: Researching ancestors of Beloni and Rosalie Daigle of Acadieville, Kent, New Brunswick. They had a child Arthur Polydore on 19 Sep 1890 who later emmigrated to America. One possible couple shows up on the 1881 Acadieville census. I don't know how to tap into the next census or research their marriage or parents. Please help!

11/04/01 08:29:29 AM Name: Kevin Latendresse Where are you from? South Portland, Maine How did you find this Web Site? Lycos search engine Query or comments: I am looking for the parents of Philomène Arsenault. She was married to Christin Frigault on 1 Oct 1866 in Caraquet, Glouster County. They moved to St. Louis de Kent. Christin was married (in order) to Clémence Blanchard, Philomène Arsenault, Marie Comeau, Henriette Mallet./.../. Je cherche la parentée de Philomène Arsenault. Elle était mariée avec Christin Frigault, le 1re Octobre, 1866 a Caraquet, NB. Les autre femmes de Christin étaient Clémence Blanchard, Philomène Arsenault, Marie Comeau, Henriette Mallet

11/02/01 07:41:57 AM Name: Pat Button Where are you from? Stetson, Maine How did you find this Web Site? Searching
Query or comments: Am trying to locate any info on mu ggrandparents,Benjamin and Lousia(Wilson) Miller. Their son, Charles was born in St. John 1881-2. He became a merchant seaman and sailed out of St. John in 1901-4. I have his discharge papers. During 1909 he moved to Mainethen to N>h> then in 1911,back to Calais,maine. I can find nothing on his parents. Any suggestions? Many thanks, Pat E-mail
10/19/01 05:19:22 AM Name: Gerry Bisaillon Where are you from? Rochester, NH How did you find this Web Site? Searched Porelle and New Brunswick
Query or comments: My great grandfather was Louis Porell (Porelle). He was born Aug 1, 1847 in Cape Bald, NB. His parents were Pierre Felicien Porell and Appoline Hebert, married on Oct 31, 1833. I think he was from Tediche (Cape Bald) NB. I am not sure who his parents are, possibly Francois Porelle and Marie Niles. I s there anyone out there that can help me? Thanks so much.

10/17/01 09:56:11 AM Name: Andrea Oddi Where are you from? Hamilton, Ontario
How did you find this Web Site? Searced Richard and Acadian on Netscape Query or comments: I am interested in finding out any additional information about Mathilde Richard who was born April 9, 1834. My Great Great Grandmother was Mathilde Richard and I am told she was an Acadian. She married a Sottish Soldier/Carpenter named Robert Crawford and he received a Caledonia (just south of Hamilton) land grant. In the census of 1871 for that region, she was a widow at 41 and had 7 or 8 children. Cannot find any documentation other than census reports.

10/11/01 09:11:28 PM Name: helene doucet Where are you from? New Brunswick
Query or comments: looking for some information on Richard Bulger

10/11/01 11:23:00 AM Name: Norm and Joan Where are you from? New York How did you find this Web Site? Personal Invitation from Zella
Query or comments: Nice Job - but are you letting your project get in the way of GOLF?

10/02/01 11:50:44 AM Name: Susan Vautour Where are you from? Navan, Ont. How did you find this Web Site? Surfing
Query or comments: Would you have information on both Agnes Martin and Marcel Guimond - these are my great grandparents on my mother's side . I believe Marcel's father was Jean Guimond married to Marie Rose Babineau. My grandfather was James Curwin married first to Betsy Clark then to my grandmother - Marie Rose Guimond

09/30/01 12:33:50 PM Name: Gail Payne Where are you from? New Brunswick How did you find this Web Site? searching
Query or comments: I have been looking for information on my Grandmother Elizabeth Butler who was (I believe) born in St Louis de Kent(maybe 1892-3) My Great-Grandparents were Marianne Roberts and Robert Butler (Both Irish descent) I think they were both born in Ireland. I can't seem to locate "My Butlers". I would appreciate any information anyone has on this family. The sisters of Elizabeth were Nell,Johanna and Kate.

09/29/01 09:55:09 PM Name: Joan montgomery Where are you from? B.C How did you find this Web Site? surfing Query or comments: I am trying to find info on ancestors of N.B kent co, Cullen and Paschal, Mcdonald, Glenn. Thomas L Cullen married to Bertha Paschal. Charles paschal married to Margreat Mcdonald. charles paschal married to Mary Jane Glenn.

09/24/01 05:01:17 AM Name: john layden Where are you from? langod, nottinghamshire, uk How did you find this Web Site? search
Query or comments: Hi, my name is john layden too, one of my relations did a partial family tree search and traced the family back to Sligo, but found that there was a fire at the records office in Sligo many years ago, and unfortunately most of the records were lost.

09/20/01 10:43:54 AM
Name: Richard Query or comments: ZELLA I could not find your email address on this site, so I will post here. RE:Bibienne Robichaud married Joseph Mercure. Please, send me an email if you have more information on when your great grandmother, Bibienne Robichaud, married. Any names of her children, etc. Thank You. Perhaps there were a few men with the name Joseph Mercure in the same area at the same time.

09/18/01 09:12:24 PM Name: Herb Ouellette Where are you from? New York City
How did you find this Web Site? I have Barry/McLean ancestors that lived in Kent Co. 1860's Query or comments: Nice site. I am a descendent of Jean Sire and Francoise Melanson. This is the first Melanson history I've found. Thanks for the information.

09/16/01 06:10:26 PM
Name: Zella Query or comments: Reply to Richard; Bibienne Robichaud is my grand-mother. The information on my web page is correct. She was born November 3 1870. We have her birth certificate. 09/16/01 12:00:32 PM
Name: hazel(LeBlanc) Hodgkins Where are you from? Roxbury , Maine, USA
Query or comments: Looking to find daughters or descendants of my Dan Daniel LeBlanc born in Neguac NB. in 1903 Two sisters went to live in St John N B and lost contact with family Daniel's father was Wilfred LeBlanc and Mother was Susan Robichaud and susan's mother was Marcelline Latulippe and Jean-Louis Robichaud

09/16/01 11:56:20 AM Name: p arseneau Where are you from? NS, Canada
Query or comments: I am looking for any info on the ARSENEAU name

09/16/01 11:53:41 AM Name: valerie Where are you from? Maine, USA
Query or comments: Looking to find information on an Auguste Allain in the Boutouche NB. Area in the late 1800's

09/16/01 11:49:02 AM Name: LorraineRobichaud Legere Where are you from? Dixfield, Maine, USA
Query or comments: Looking for any aditional info on PIERRE IGNACE ROBICHAUD from POINTE SAPIN

09/16/01 11:45:48 AM Name: hazel Where are you from? Roxbury , Maine, USA
Query or comments: Loooking for inf on family of two great aunts yhat were born Neguac NB around 1900 Mom and Dad were Wilfred LeBlanc and Suzane Robichard Susanne was the daughter of Jean-Louis Robichaud and Marcelline Latulippe from Neguac also.

09/16/01 11:42:42 AM Name: Richard Query or comments: On your site you have stated that Bibienne Robichaud, born 1870, married Joseph Mercure. According to information at the NB Archives, Bibienne ROBICHAUD married Joseph MERCURE on Jan. 8, 1917 (F15972). Joseph was born August 3, 1900, so it is doubtful that Bibienne was born 1870. Anybody with information on this couple? Thank you.

09/16/01 11:39:47 AM Name: JOANNE NEWTON Where are you from? GREENE, RI Query or comments: Looking for info on Valentine Robichaud,daughter of Sylvain Robichaud..(born1869??)Indian descent??Micmac??any info appreciated....

12/31/69 04:00:00 PM Name: Frank Hoskins
Query or comments: Great site Zella. Would you have any information on a GABRIEL DUREPOS ? Thanks

12/31/69 04:00:00 PM Name: Judy Query or comments: Looking for Samuel Savoy/Savoie, who married Mary Anderson Cassidy. Daughter Robina was born 1876 in Richibucto. E-mail
12/31/69 04:00:00 PM Name: Donna Anger
Query or comments: Elbennezed Ward-looking for information -Miscou Island Help

12/31/69 04:00:00 PM Name: PATRICIA N < HALL Query or comments: I am looking for surname of DAWSON, its my great-great grandfather who came from Ireland that"s what my grandmother said.
12/31/69 04:00:00 PM Name: Julie Cashwell Query or comments: Looking for anything on Duplessi of Jacquet River, NB