Helpful questions when interviewing yours parents or relatives for genealogy purposes.

The following are some questions which I think would be of interest and important. 
Where were your parents from?
Did your parents immigrate to Canada if so when, where from, why, where did they settle?
How did your parents meet?
When were your parents married?
Where did they live?
What was your Fatherís, grandfathers and great grandfatherís occupation?
What were your Mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothersí occupation?
Where did they move to after they married?
How many children did they have?
What are the childrenís names and date of birth as well as where were they born?
If they passed away what did they die of?  
When and where did they die? 
Where were they buried?
If they passed away where were they living at the time?
Give a brief history of your family going back as far s possible.
Are you married and to whom and when and where?
What are the names and dates of birth of your children?
What is your address, phone number and e-mail or hotmail address?
The above are suggestions only it you donít feel comfortable with any part please ignore. 
If you would like to elaborate please do so.
Please list grandchildren etc.and their information. 
If you would rather that this information not be shared please let me know.

Author: Valmore LeBlanc