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Surnames/Noms de famille Lineages/Lignées Census/Recensements History/Histoire Charts/Tableaux généaloqiques First settlers/Premiers colons

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Zella`s Genealogy Resources for NB and More

Acadian and Irish Genealogy in NB, CANADA, first settlers of Kent County, census, surnames, lineages, charts,helpful tips, query book, free wallpaper. Bienvenue!

Helpful links for N.B. Genealogy / Liens utiles à la généalogie au N.-B.

Lists of archives, family lineages, surnames, census and other useful genealogy links that relate to the Acadians of N.B.

Listes de liens d`archives, de lignes généalogiques, d`index de noms de familles, de recensements et autres liens utiles, liés à la généalogie acadienne au N.-B.

Acadian and Irish Surnames/ Noms de familles

Thousands of Acadian and Irish names and surnames of settlers, their ancestors and descendants in NB, CANADA, especially from Kent County. Post your queries.Bienvenue!

Zella`s Guest and Query book

This book is designed for queries in Kent County. Postings are welcome in both english and french.

Family lineages/ Lignées généalogiques

Our LAYDEN and GALLANT lineages, Acadian and Irish surnames such as O`Regan, O`Connor, Doherty, Cannon, Travers, Donavan, Doucet, Arsenault, etc.Bienvenue!


Familles ROBICHAUD et LEBOUTHILLIER, noms de familles acadiennes, surtout du comté de Kent, NB, CANADA, descendants et ancêtres.

My LATULIPPE lineage/ Ma lignée des LATULIPPE

Famille LATULIPPE,(descendants et ancêtres) noms de familles acadiennes, surtout des comtés de Northumberland, et de Gloucester au NB, Canada.

Genealogy Charts/ Tableaux généalogiques

Acadian family chart, a personal family tree going back ten generations. Other charts available

Brief history of New Brunswick

Brief history of NB, CANADA, its origin, first explorer, first settlers etc.

Bref historique du Nouveau-Brunswick

Le Nouveau-Brunswick et ses origines,sa colonisation,ses premiers habitants,ses guerres,etc.

Villages of Kent County:Acadieville,Pointe Sapin,Rogersville, Rchiboucto and Saint-Louis-de-Kent

Brief history of the origins of Acadieville, Rogersville, Richiboucto, Saint Louis,and Pointe Sapin,(their ancestors and descendants) first settlers, census, lineages and querybook. Welcome!

Villages du comté de Kent: Acadieville, Pointe-Sapin, Rogersville, Richiboucto et Saint-Louis-de-Kent

Bref historique des débuts d`Acadieville, Rogersville, Richiboucto,Saint-Louis et Pointe-Sapin, leurs colons (ancêtres et descendants), recensements, noms de familles acadiennes,lignées généalogiques et livres de requêtes.Bienvenue!

Acadieville, Pointe Sapin, Rogersville and Saint-Louis`s ancestors/ ancêtres.

First settlers and their ancestors of Acadieville, Saint-Louis-de-Kent, Rogersville and Pointe Sapin, villages of Kent County, NB, CANADA,lineages and query book.Bienvenue!

Kent County Census

First Acadieville census is online,(this census is only available on microfilm elsewhere). Other census from Kent County (Saint-Louis, Rogersville, Pointe Sapin) also available.

Recensements du comté de Kent

Premier recensement d`Acadieville(disponible ailleurs, mais sur microfilm seulement). D`autres recensements du comté de Kent sont aussi diponibles.

Scènes du comté de Kent/Scenes from Kent County

Scenes of Kent County, free wallpaper.

Photos of Ireland

Ireland through the eyes of a tourist,lovely pictures. Free wallpaper.

Freebies and Bargains

Free stuff, free downloads, free games, books, cards, bargains, etc.

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